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Styled identically to the highline it shows all of the same features, however to offer a less expensive option, we have reduced the amount of fish leather to "accent" its` look. Orders will be taken if your colour is not in stock.
Price: $350.00
Named after the myriad of islands surrounding Esperance the "Recherche Archipelago" the largest of our handbags ticks all the boxes, fully lined, edge framed leather, 1 mobile pocket, 1 open pocket and 1 zippered pocket inside with a clip closure and leather straps only (pic shows chain straps) this will surely accept all you may need to take shopping with you. Orders will be taken if your colour is not in stock.
Price: $495.00
Think you know what a backpack is all about? think again! with our take on an old favourite. Made from heavy duty black cowhide with a padded foot this backpack is robust, tough and secure, it will also stand alone, unassisted. We have added two small pockets at the front for easy access for regular use items, lollies, tissues etc. For access inside the pack there is a zip which sits snugly against your back, thus adding a level of security, a large capacity inside means you can carry all the required items with ease, if you need more room deeper inside the pack is a secondary zippered pocket which means you can double up if needed. The straps have not missed out on our attention as we have given you as much adjustment as possible with a middle zip so you can choose between a single strap shoulder bag, or a double strap traditional backpack style, they also have three "length adjustment" points secured with press studs, and to add our unique "Mermaid" touch we have added a single strip of fish leather in your choice of colours available. Orders will be taken if your colour is not in stock.
Price: $325.00
Smaller than the Archipelago however still with the same amount of internal pockets named for its` style and elegance the highline features fully adjustable leather straps and a full cover fish leather external, it is sure to impress. Orders will be taken if your colour is not in stock.
Price: $450.00
So named for its` compact size and clean lines the "Pristine" is our most popular clutch purse, a neat twist clasp is the only outer feature, one internal pocket, fully lined, and an expandable gusset makes this a practical, functional and very stylish clutch.
Price: $249.95

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